MCCL Tournament Sundays on ChessKid

Starts: Sep 23, 2018 @ 2:00 PM

MCCL Introduces Sunday Tournaments on

MCCL is utilizing the Live Tournaments function on to allow kids across Madison to play each other in fast chess games each Sunday afternoon from approximately 2-4 p.m. MCCL has set up two clubs with MCCL members and two separate tournaments for those members:

1. Madison City Chess League Club - for all MCCL members (5 rounds; 15 minutes per side)

2. MCCL Kings 10+ Club - for all MCCL members who are at the King 10 level or higher (4 rounds; 20 minutes per side).

Log on 15 minutes prior to the start of the tournament. Go to Play, Play Fast, and you will see your tournament options on the right. You must click on the tournament name to register, which you can do up until 15 minutes prior to the start time. This must be done on a computer (iOS and android apps will not work). Join the tournament--don't want till the last minute. If you receive a bye or finish your round early, stay online and watch the other games until the next round starts.

Some of you may have new ChessKid accounts that were created after you joined MCCL. If so contact and let us know what your ChessKid Username is so we can add you to the appropriate clubs online. If you increase your level to King 10, let us know that too so you can be added to both clubs and have a choice of which tournament you would like to play in on Sundays.