Girls Chess Club

Madison girls--we are so excited to be hosting the first All Girls State Chess Championship in April this year that we are planning special events for you to help you get ready for the tournament. First, we are transitioning our Girls Chess Night to a Girls Chess Club. If you play chess on a recreation club or competition chess team at your school, we want to invite you to join the MCCL Girls Chess Club. At our first Girls Chess Club meeting on February 27th we will:

  • Hand out prizes to every girl who has registered for the All Girls State Chess Championship on April 28th
  • Choose our Girls Chess Club T-shirt Logo - see description below.
Our Girls Chess Club schedule for 2018 is below.

  • Movie Night and Pajama Party - 2/27 (Tues)
  • Bowling Night - 3/28 (Wed)
  • Getting Ready for State - 4/17 (Tues)

Mayor Troy Trulock, and Ms. Laqueta Ward from SPS, Inc, sponsor of our First Annual Madison City Scholastic Chess Championship, visit Girls Chess Night to make announcement of the City Championship to occur in Spring 2016.