All members will be expected to follow the MCCL Code of Conduct.

Membership is NOT required in order to attend Monday night meetings.

The Madison City Chess League (MCCL) opened its doors in 2013, inviting kids from Madison and the surrounding area to play chess for free. Since that time, MCCL has watched the interest in chess grow in our community. In 2016, MCCL students swept every team award in the Primary and Elementary school sections of the State Scholastic Chess Championship. 2017 will be even more exciting as Madison hosts the State Scholastic Chess Championship and as our kids get to experience Super Nationals in Nashville (something that only happens once every four years!). MCCL has provided new programs and chess coaches for our students to help them develop their skills. These opportunities include:

  • All Star Chess Club for 2nd and 3rd Graders
  • Reduced registration fee for local chess tournaments like Summer Knights
  • MCCL Team Cup Championship
  • Early registration for Summer Chess Camp
  • A City Chess Championship
  • Coaching Services at National Tournaments
  • Girls Chess Night
  • Master Level Instruction and Special Events
  • Members Only events like Back to School Bughouse Night

Become a Lifetime Member

Last year we introduced a Lifetime Membership option. For a $200 donation to MCCL, you and members of your family can become lifetime members of MCCL and you will be entitled to all the benefits of annual membership without having to renew. And, it is a way for you to donate to an organization that will continue to bring chess events to your children for years to come. We could not do what we do without your continued support. Join today. Become a member for a lifetime! Or renew for 2017. Either way, you support our organization and help us bring chess to more kids. If you are a Lifetime Member, you do not need to renew.

Lifetime Members

Robert Boland and family

Pradipta Das and family

Todd Guthrie and family

Jon Lundy and family

Eun Park and family

Nungseo Park and family

Balaji Purushothaman and family

Tifany Billmann and family

Manisha Limaye and family

Teresa Shurtz and family

Rachel O'Sullivan and Family

Cindy & Keith Kosan and Family

Dr. Yeqing Bao and Family

Madhav Gentela and family

Gloria Kueck and family

Jim Spanier and Family

James Mitchell and Family

Guy Calinsky and Family

Ann Wang and Family

Jennessa Crosswy and Family

Nirvana Rajbhandari and Family

Josh Lin and Family

Arnav Maskey and Family

Will Fox and Family

Edwina & Daryl Gore and Family

Scott and Amy Edwards and Family

Ashley Lang and Family

Somi Park and Family

Mason Park

Cece Hsu and Family

Kruesser Family

Beena Chopade and Family

Samarjeet Bista and Family

Sarah Barbre and Family

Svitlana Tkach and Family

Yang Zou and Family

Ehrman Family

Miller Family

Jerez Family

Odefin Family

Terms of Membership

  • Annual membership dues are $20.
  • Lifetime membership dues are $200.
  • All members must adhere to the MCCL Code of Conduct and respect the governing authority of the MCCL Board and Executive Director at all times.
  • Competing for another chess club against MCCL members in a tournament will cause your MCCL membership to terminate.
  • Any member of a school chess team will automatically become an MCCL member upon submission of registration and payment of MCCL dues.
  • The MCCL Executive Director has the discretion to accept or decline membership to any K-12 student who is not on a school chess team who is willing to pay membership dues. If membership is declined by the Executive Director, the prospective member may petition the MCCL Board in writing to be accepted as a member.
  • Membership dues, once accepted, are non-refundable.
  • When you become a member, you support the charitable and educational mission of the Madison City Chess League; are allowed to participate in events for MCCL members only; allowed to register early for summer camps and special events; added as members in an online MCCL chess club on ; and given one vote per family at the annual meeting to elect officers to the MCCL board of directors.