Listed below are all of the current instructors.

Bill Nash 

Senior Tournament Director with the US Chess Federation, FIDE National Arbiter, and President of the Madison City Chess League. Mr. Nash is the head coach for State Chess Champions Bob Jones High School and Discovery Middle School. Mr. Nash accepts private students by referral, through Ranae Bartlett, Executive Director of the MCCL. Mr. Nash previously coached the State Chess Champions Rainbow Elementary. "I believe that chess has many benefits for our young people and our school systems. Chess helps our children to build confidence in their ability to solve problems. In addition, it helps them with discipline, focus, concentration, and developing critical thinking skills."

Bradley Denton 

FM Bradley Denton is the highest rated chess player in Alabama. We are pleased to welcome Bradley as coach for Discovery and Liberty Middle School chess teams in Madison City Schools.

Paul Mulqueen 

Ph.D. biochemistry, coaches the chess teams at James Clemens High school and Liberty Middle school. "I believe that we play chess for two reasons. One, it is a lifetime of fun. After a student has mastered the basics, approximate chess rating of 800, they have a competitive skill that will provide decades of enjoyment. Two, "Chess is Training for Life". Chess emphasizes creating a vision for what success looks like, creating a plan to bring that vision to reality, and executing that plan. Chess teaches the student how to execute their plans while dealing with external forces. As in life your opponent has plans of their own. Chess provides all the life lessons of competitive sports without the physical injuries." Paul is a Certified Local Tournament Director with the USCF. Coach Paul is available for private chess lessons. He charges $40 per hour and can be contacted at

Will Stevenson 

"I have been playing chess casually since I was about 17, but did not begin competing in tournaments until around 2006 (about age 26). I joined the Huntsville Chess Club around 2001, which gave me good training and a good place to test my skills against strong competition. Since entering competitive tournament play, I have been able to finish strongly and even win several tournaments. Among the victories have been two state championships, two Huntsville City Championships, a win in a Grand Prix tournament in Tennessee in 2010, and a victory in an individual game against Grandmaster Anatoly Lein at the Kings Island Open in 2009. I also have some experience as a personal chess instructor, having mentored several kids between the ages of 7 and 15. I am a general chess enthusiast and chess addict who enjoys playing with and teaching the game to people of all ages and levels." Will currently coaches at Rainbow Elementary. Coach Will is available for private chess lessons. He charges $40 per hour and can be contacted at