Useful Links

Below is recommended reading regarding chess and education.

The Morals of Chess

"The Morals of Chess" is an essay by the American philosopher Benjamin Franklin who in 1999 was inducted into the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame.

Does Playing Chess Make You Smarter?

Does playing chess really make a person smarter? This article attempts to provide the answers to these questions by using different scientific and logical perspectives.

Enriching Math Using Chess

Inspirational Chess Quotes

Many quotes about chess can also be applied to life off the chessboard.

Why Madison City Schools Teaches Chess In Schools

Op Ed by Madison City School Board member Ranae Bartlett on why chess instruction is happening in Madison schools.

Scholastic chess: A gateway to STEM education

Get Those Kids Recording!

This article explains why it is important for kids to learn to notate their moves as they play chess.

On Chess: The Multifaceted Benefits of Chess

A Kid's Guide To Playing Chess

Learn the basics of chess from this article like how to set up a board, how the pieces move, etc.