MCCL Blitz Championship on ChessKid

Starts: Dec 18, 2021 @ 2:00 PM

What:       MCCL K-5 and K-12 Saturday Blitz Championship; Game 5 min per side; 6 rounds; 1 minute round breaks

When:      Saturday at 2 p.m.

Cost:                Free for MCCL Members

Who:              Kids K-5th and K-12th grade who are current MCCL members 


  Tournaments are free for MCCL members and only your ChessKid fast chess rating is affected.                 

RULE FOR ONLINE TOURNAMENTS HOSTED BY MCCL: Players may only keep one tab open on your browser during the tournament. Players who open more than one tab and toggle to other pages will be disqualified for a technical violation

Join/Become a member: 

ChessKid TipUse a computer Browser to access Live Chess, not a mobile device of any kind.

Here is an article telling you how to join tournaments on ChessKid.

To join tournaments, go to Play vs. Kid and click on the tournament you want to join at least 5 minutes before start time (you cannot join a tournament after it has started). The tournaments have various time controls and numbers of rounds, so be sure you can commit to playing for the duration before you join. When your round is over, you can watch other games still in progress. The next round will be paired when everyone has finished playing the current round, so stay online. Good luck!