2021 Fall Scholars Tournament Report

September 26th, 6:53PM


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We saw record attendance at this year's Fall Scholars chess tournament with 137 kids competing in five different sections. It was exciting to see so many non-rated players trying their first tournament! The Non-Rated 3rd-5th grade section was the largest section with 47 players and the Non-Rated K-2nd grade section was the next largest section with 30 players. Complete results in tie-break order can be found here. For those competing in the rated sections, the USCF Tournament report can be found here (reminder: USCF reports are not in tie-break order but will provide your most recent over-the-board regular rating).

To run a tournament like this, it takes some awesome tournament directors to keep things on time and orderly. Thanks to Chief Tournament Director Todd Guthrie; Floor TDs Nitin Badhe, Parag Saxena and Scott Newberry; Backroom TD Guy Calinsky; and assistant TDs Kelli Washburn and Puja Chopade.

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Principal Jamie Golliver outdid himself and made the tournament day safe and special for all in attendance. He set up a large TV to show football games in the cafeteria, popped popcorn, and even sanitized chess sets in between rounds. Amy McGehee is the new chess sponsor at Madison Elementary and she worked non-stop Friday during set up and Saturday keeping concessions and supplies flowing for the tournament. Thank you Madison Elementary for hosting a great tournament!


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Congratulations Non-Rated K-2nd winners: Avyaktha Subramania 1st, Lucas Osipychev 2nd, Elliott Poole 3rd, John Park 4th, Peter Gosier 5th, Hannah Kuang 6th, Gregory Ryan 7th, Peter Ainsworth 8th, Summer Seewald 9th, Lucas He 10th, Julian Guillory 11th, Arjun Sathees 12th, Lucas Norton 13th, and Joanna He - top female who did not otherwise place.


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Congratulations Non-Rated 3rd-5th grade winners: Vedanth Siva 1st, Cohen Phillips 2nd, Anushka Singhai 3rd, Saisha Iyer 4th, Tyler Pysh 5th, Theodore Piper 6th, Owen Suckow 7th, Iker Chanes-Peralta 8th, Sarah Rytting 9th, Natalie Rytting 10th, John Kawamoto 11th, Allison Tubbs 12th, Dheeren Pammina 13th, Wylie Lansing 14th, Ekamjeet Saini 15th, CJ Conley 16th, and Elise Gibson - top female who did not otherwise place.


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Congratulations Under 500 section winners: Emerson Phillips 1st, Aaron Chen 2nd, Jimmy McHugh 3rd, Mason Park 4th, Abby Chan 5th, Sean Rowe 6th, Nathan Chiu 7th, Abigail Barbre 8th, Ellie Chan 9th, Sahishnu Saha 10th, and Lily Harper - top female who did not otherwise place.


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Congratulations Under 1000 section winners: Esteban Jerez 1st, Kylie Zou 2nd, Samsara Rajbhandar 3rd, Laya Gowder 4th, Anna Ai 5th, Tim Lee 6th, Noah Hsu 7th, Sophia Jerez 8th, Caden Jordan 9th, Sahithi Mynampally 10th and Alice Zou-top female who did not otherwise place.


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Congratulations Championship section winners: Steven Pan 1st, Eddie Xiao 2nd, Andrew Yang 3rd, Nirvana Rajbhandari 4th, Jethro Jones 5th, Aadi Saxena 6th, Rachael Ehrman 7th, Oviya Gowder 8th, Edward Calinsky 9th, and Holland Lang 10th. The Championship section had our highest rated players all rated over 1000 who played a longer time control of 45 minute games.
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