Queen's Quest Moves Online February 2021

January 28th, 11:14PM

The largest chess tournament in Madison, the Queen's Quest, moves online this year, but still offers students in grades K-12 the opportunity to compete for both individual and team awards on Saturday February 13th. The tournament is open to all students with a account. MCCL will need your child's ChessKid Username if they are not a Madison City Schools student in order to be entered in the tournament. Register here.

Queen's Quest will be a USCF rated tournament and great practice for the State Scholastic Chess Championship which will occur at the end of March. We will utilize a new feature of "round breaks" adding a 5-minute break in between each round. All players will play five rounds and should join the tournament at least 10 minutes before the start time of 1 p.m. 

Online results will not be final until tournament directors can conduct a fair play analysis and validate all game results. This could take a few days depending on the number of registrants for each each section.

Questions should be emailed to MCCL Executive Director Ranae Bartlett at

Tournament Details

Saturday, February 13, 2021 at 1 p.m.
 Rated Sections Only:  K-3 Championship; K-5 Championship; 6-8 Jr High; 9-12 High School
Round Times: 
 1:00 p.m. (round 1) with 5 minute break in between rounds; each round will start 5 minutes after the conclusion of the previous round      Time Control: Game 20 min per side



Memberships, Fees, And Deadlines

  • 5 round Swiss, USCF rated.  USCF membership is required for all sections, and must be obtained before registering for this tournament.  USCF membership can be obtained online at
  • Entry Fee: $10 for MCCL members; $20 for non-members
  • Deadline: Online entry by Wednesday February 10, 2021. 
  • No Onsite Registration.  No refunds after you have been paired.


This is an individual event, with secondary team prizes; team is four highest scorers. Teams may represent a school only. Pairings will be "team blind."

Individual Awards: Top 10 individuals in K-3 Championship, K-5 Championship, 6-8 Jr High, 9-12 High School. Trophies for top 3 in each section; medals for 4th-10th place.

Team Awards: Trophies for top 4 teams in K-3 Championship and K-5 Championship sections. Top 2 teams in 6-8 Jr High and Top 2 teams in 9-12 High School sections.


RULE FOR ALL ONLINE TOURNAMENTS HOSTED BY MCCL: Players may only keep one tab open on your browser during the tournament. Players who open more than one tab and toggle to other pages will be disqualified for a technical violation.

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