2020 Summer Knights

Starts: Sep 26, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

Sponsored by CB&S Bank
It's the first chess tournament of the school year!

Although we are offering both a Rated section (for those with a USCF rating) and a Non-Rated section for beginning players, we will NOT issue a tournament report to the USCF.  So, this is an opportunity for everyone to relax, not worry about ratings, but play in their first chess tournament early in the school year.

When:  Saturday, September 26, 2020

Where:  ChessKid.com

Non-Rated Section:  10:00 a.m. (join tournament 10 minutes early)

Rated Section: 1:00 p.m. (join tournament 10 minutes early)

Non-Rated Sections and Awards:  

6th-12th; 3rd-5th; K-2; *sections may be merged

Game 15 minutes per side; 4 rounds

Trophy for 1st, Medals based on enrollment and for Top Female

This section is for beginning players who have never played in a rated tournament and do not have a USCF rating.

Rated Sections and Awards:  K-12 (Open); K-12 Under 1000; K-12 Under 500; K-5 Under 500 *sections may be merged

Game 20 minutes per side; 4 rounds except K-12 Open section will play 5 rounds

Trophies for 1st-3rd, Medals for 4th-6th and Top Female

USCF membership required for the Rated sections only.


Registration Fee All Sections:  $10 for MCCL members and $20 for non-MCCL members who register by Sept 24th.  (lower MCCL member price will appear when you add the tournament to your cart)

NOTE: If you have not joined MCCL or renewed your MCCL membership for 2020, do that in a separate order first. https://madisonchess.com/join Then register for Summer Knights in a separate order.

Deadline to register online:   Thursday, September 24th.

Register Online:  Registration Link Below

If you have questions about the right section for your child, as your chess team coach or Ms. Bartlett.

The rated sections are arranged by USCF ratings range. However, we recommend all rated kindergartners compete in K-5 Under 500.

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2020 Summer Knights Online Scholastic Chess Tournament - 9/26